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“Hey thanks for the account. its been about a month since I got it and i’m still having fun with it! I get to own my bro now, lol”

-Austin at

“I’ve played Runescape for a long time, took me forever to level up my bowman to just lvl 50 range. Then I found and I got a free lvl 99 range, I was literally amazed how quick it was, thanks guys keep it up!!!”

-Bryan at

“Hey thanks, I just recently had my Runescape account hacked and I thought I was screwed… Luckly my friend told me about this site, he said he got a lvl 78 RS account with out doing anything… I didn’t believe him for a second.. And then he messaged me on my newb account with the account he got from here, I couldn’t believe it. So I went to and filled out a five minute offer for free and amazingly I got my account by the time I loaded up my email. I can’t thank you enough man.”

-Michael at